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Ice Field Explorers1

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Difficulty: Easy / Medium
  • Box lunch included
  • Optional camp

We have understood the concept and carried it to its extreme. An exquisite conjugation of experiences, in the Serrano River and its tributaries exploring airs of tremendous majesty and in the purest solitude of the surroundings, between virgin forest, steppe, moraines, rivers and mountains until reaching the great southern ice field, third reserve of Fresh frozen water on the planet. In rivers loaded with chinook salmon, brown trout and rainbow, in the middle of the most impressive and hidden place, where experiences the stage and the weather conditions will give us much more than a tremendous day of fishing or the hiking of your life … An Experience Feel Patagonia. From Torres del Paine, this exploration can be done in one day (10-12 hrs). Or with the possibility of setting up a camp and night in a corner that you will never forget. * Navigations in Rio Serrano available from November 2016