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Work with us in Torres del Paine


Work with us in Torres del Paine

Do you have skills, are you proactive, speak english? this is your chance

Send your cv and indicate in the subject to the charge that you post to [email] http: // [/email], deadline until September 1, 2017.

1 Hotel Area

1.1 Administrative (a):
With experience in remuneration, social laws, warehouse control, accounting systems.

1.2 Receptionist:
With technical or professional studies in the area of ​​hotel and tourism and / or previous experience, management of advanced English and desirable second language.

1.3 Mucus
Previous experience, similar areas

2 Food and Beverage Area

2.1 Sub Chef:
Experience in cold room and hot room, leadership, ability to interact with guests, handling intermediate English.

2.2 Master Cake Maker:
Previous experience, technical or professional studies

2.3 Advanced cookery teacher:
Previous experience, handling hot and cold rooms, grills

2.4 Kitchen helper

2.5 Barbet (a)

2.6 Head of host or host: English language management, proactivity, leadership, previous experience, technical or professional study in the area of ​​tourism and hospitality.

2.7 Garzones: Desirable handling of English, good interpersonal relationships.

3 Tours

3.1 Guide
With advanced English, knowledge of Torres del Paine and Bernardo O'Higgins National Park, License B, health conditions according to the position

3.2 Drivers
Professional license, previous experience, ad hoc responsibility to the position