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Desde Puerto Natales

How to get to the hotel from Puerto Natales?

  • Regular Buses From Puerto Natales these buses will leave you in the Pudeto sector of the PNTP. From Pudeto you must hire a private transfer to the hotel. This transfer has a value of CL $ 30,000 round trip and must be booked with us.

  • Full Day Tour Torres del Paine This excursion that you can book with us will give you an overview of the PNTP and at the end you can leave it at the Conaf Administration or in some cases at Portería Serrano. From any of these points you will need to hire a private transfer to the hotel. This transfer from the Conaf Administration to the hotel has a value of CL $ 10,000 round trip and the transfer from the Portería Serrano to the hotel has a value of CL $ 5,000 round trip. Both rates are not included in the tour price.

  • Private Transfer Request a quote with us.

  • Auto Leased or Private If you wish to rent a car, request a quote with us. For rented or private car trips we suggest taking the "Milodón Cave" route from Puerto Natales and following the path that borders Lake Toro. See map

Sailing through southern waters ...

  • Excursion of National Parks This navigation that you can reserve with us leaves from Puerto Natales and arrives until the baldness Tyndall by the Serrano River. From the port at Tyndall transfer to the hotel is free.