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Typical Gastronomy

The typical regional cuisine of Chilean Patagonia, is characterized by using the purest and noble products offered by land and sea. These foods are listed as the healthiest and most natural, since the pastures and pure waters free of pesticides and contamination give them the stamp of being hundred percent organic foods.
Magellan gastronomy uses a fusion of typical foods and food introduced in the area, the latter already belong to our local cuisine, because they have been very well adapted to this land, achieving a perfect development in presentation, aroma and quality of the food. of the different and more traditional foods it is possible to obtain in Magallanes excellent seafood such as: oysters, crabs, which are prepared in different ways among the most sought after are:
  • Al PILPIL (sautéed in olive, garlic, and ají chub of goat).
  • OR THE PARMESANA (with butter cream, parmesan cheese baked in the oven)

And like the most classic CHUPE (bread soaked in milk, sofrito, butter, white wine and condiments in general. Fish are other gastronomic riches offered by Magallanes, from its pure waters we obtain excellent pieces of southern hake, sea bass and conger, These fish are prepared, baked or fried with different sauces or simply steamed and reaching the fish flavors and textures unequaled.Easy to get the salmon, which is presented in the most diverse ways suggesting smoked, which will delight the most demanding gourmet that visit Magallanes. Of the varieties of meat, we can highlight the controlled use of guanaco and ñandú meat, which is being worked by the region's chefs, in different dishes with international touches, these exotic meats are used in stews, braised, etc. FRUITS OF CHILEAN PATAGONIA
Among the best known fruits is the calafate that belongs to the family of "BERRIES", but this fruit is unique in this area of ​​the world, offering flavor and color to our preparations. Tell a legend "HE WHO EATS CALAFATE HAS TO RETURN. "
The rhubarb was introduced in Magallanes by the English settlers, managing to adapt in perfect harmony. Rhubarb is an acid fruit, so it is best to consume it and preserve it in some sweetening agent such as sugar. With the rhubarb, jams, kuchenes, bavarois, mousse and jams are made. DRINKS FROM CHILEAN PATAGONIA
This area of ​​the world that is quite cold, makes its people prefer alcoholic beverages of body and strong flavor, one of its traditional drinks is: calafate sour, a mixture of pisco, pineapple juice, sugar flower, lemon, ice and calafate pulp.