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Sustainable Tourism - Hotel del Paine

We are conscious of the environment Hotel has and how important is the environment for us as a tourist destination, hence the fundamental objective of our activity is to provide the best facilities and services with minimal environmental impact.
That is why we are committed publicly to be an example in compliance with the following principles:
1. To promote the reuse, recycling and waste management so environmentally friendly.
2. Involve our Sustainable Management System to our suppliers, subcontractors, employees, customers and the rest of society, making them share in it.
3. Raise awareness and properly train all employees of the hotel in a continuous way, through courses and training programs related to improving quality and the environment.
4. Provide our customers with information regarding our principles on Sustainable Development and the efforts we made to preserve the environment and local culture. 5. Evaluate and update periodically our goals and objectives, and to review, modify and adapt our management system to the reality of the establishment and destination.
6. Establish quality standards to ensure the quality of our products and services.
7. constantly train our staff on issues of service, quality, care and conservation of the environment, history, culture of our country and the legislation that applies to us.
8. To promote the professional growth of our staff, without making any gender, religion, ethnicity or political beliefs distinction.
9. Do not support the sale, trafficking or display of parts and artifacts considered cultural heritage.
10. To support the commercial development of small enterprises, micro-enterprises and suppliers responsible.
11. Take measures for sustainable use of water and energy.
12. Use biodegradable hygiene products and cleaning.
13. Take action to reduce the amount of waste generated and promote reuse, recycling and proper disposal of our waste.
14. Take action to reduce buying individual packages and the use of disposable containers can not be recycled or reused.
15. Provide a safe and quality service to our customers.