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One of the strengths of the hotel is its cuisine. It has a grill for roasting meats and fish and it also has a “quincho”, a special place to roast lamb meat “al palo”. These two characteristics distinguish Cabañas del Paine Hotel from the rest of local hotels and make it an attractive alternative to foreign guests as they can taste local food.

For those travelers who want to try more elaborated dishes, the hotel has included creative and well done alternatives, taking special care that all raw materials come from the best local and national suppliers. All bakery products are made 100% in the hotel and are mainly offered at breakfast time in a complete buffet. It has also been included in the menu homemade fruit ice cream that guests can taste at tea time or as dessert at the end of meals.

Without doubt, all travelers who visit Chile want to drink Chilean wine, widely re known for their quality. For that reason the hotel offers a wide list of wines and aperitifs that guests can enjoy not only with meals but also can be a good excuse for contemplating the landscape. And why not to say, there should not be anything more pleasant than watching Nature rage, so common in Patagonia, comfortably sitted in the dinning room of the hotel with a good glass of wine or a frothy pisco sour.

At the hotel travelers can ask for this service with a delivery in 24 hrs.

As a measure to reduce water waste and support the environmental sustainability , the hotel has a towel exchange program for passengers who stay more than one night.


Our hotel has an outdoor area of hot tub with a capacity of 6 people, made of native woods and with a wonderful sight to the “Torres del Paine” National Park to relax and enjoy the park in a different way.
Some of the benefits are:

  • It impruves the blood circulation, it relieve muscular and column pines and ligaments
  • The expansion of the pores cleans and hydrates the skin
  •  It stimulates the immunological system
  • It calms the nervous system, attacks the stress and promotes the natural and deep sleeping


Our hotel has built a greenhouse in Torres del Paine in order to have organic vegetables and herbs which are used in our dishes.

The hotel is aware of offering a sustainable tourism , we have a special program to reduce waste, during the process we separate the organic waste to create compost, the one we use in our greenhouse.


We have a craft show booth, souvenirs produced with raw materials from Patagonia made ​​by regional artisans.