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Hotel del Paine is located on the southern boundary of the PNTP, 7 km from the Park Administration, 79 km from Puerto Natales (way through Cueva del Milodón) and 325 km from Punta Arenas, specifically at? Villa Serrano ?, in the sector of the Serrano River. The goal? Rio Serrano? of admission to the park is 3 km from the hotel. See map Hotel del Paine does not include transfers to and from the hotel in its rate. It is suggested that when confirming your reservations consult the transfer services to and from the hotel. Hotel del Paine is not responsible for transfers without prior coordination.

Information Office Hotel in Punta Arenas Address:
José Nogueira # 1255, Punta Arenas - Chile
Phone: (56 + 61) 2723 303
Consultation and reservations: [email] reservaspuq@cabanasdelpaine.cl [/email]

Information Hotel in Torres del Paine
Address :: Lot No. 17, Sector Río Serrano - Comuna Torres del Paine - Chile
Satellite phone: (56 + 2) 2889 1138