Hotel Catering

Water supply:
The Hotel has its own water purification plant, which provides quality water for consumption, eliminating pathogens, viruses, bacteria, metals and dissolved salts.
Electricity supply:
The Hotel also has its own hydroelectric plant that allows the distribution of energy to the different facilities in the area.
Food supply:
The Hotel has its own garden to stock up on, guaranteeing the quality of a product that the restaurant's own team has grown and that has been collected at the right time of maturation. The menu consists of typical Magellan products such as regional lettuce, tomato. Rhubarb, which opt for the production of sophisticated stews, colorful sauces and mousse desserts that look like works of art.
Catering others:
There is no ATM near the Hotel or Torres del Paine Park.
There is no gas station near the Hotel or Torres del Paine Park.
If you need to stock up on cash and benzine, our recommendation is to do so in Puerto Natales before entering the Paine sector.