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Requirements for entering Chile

Chilean citizens, residents of Chile and non-resident foreigners are allowed to enter the country in compliance with the following requirements:

Requirements for entry to Chile for foreigners as of November 1, 2021.
  • Proof of negative PCR test, taken 72 hours before departure, counting from the last boarding on flights with stopovers.

  • To have a complete vaccination program, which must be validated prior to traveling to Chile, through the platform, where travelers can obtain their “Mobility Pass”, which will be enabled after the mandatory confinement. Vaccines must be approved by the Chilean Public Health Institute (ISP), the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

  • Travelers must fill out an “Affidavit of Travelers” electronic form, up to 48 hours before boarding, where you will provide contact information, health status and travel history. This form will issue a QR code as a means of verification (available at

  • Whoever enters Chile must remain in quarantine for 5 days or until a negative result of the PCR test performed upon arrival in Chile is obtained. The mandatory confinement must be carried out at the declared home, hotel or residence.

  • Proof of a health insurance policy that provides coverage for COVID-19 and related health issues, which must cover charges associated with COVID-19 during the traveler’s stay, with a coverage of USD $ 30,000 (minimum). 

  • During the first 10 days after entry into the country, a tracking form will be sent to you via e-mail everyday. The timely completion of this daily survey is mandatory.

All travelers entering the Chilean national territory with their vaccination program validated, meaning that they have a complete vaccination scheme, must carry out a mandatory 5-day quarantine or until they receive a negative PCR test result carried out upon arriving in Chile.


Exit Requirements


Chileans and foreign residents over 18 with an authorized Mobility Pass or the special permit to leave the country (available through the online police station have no restriction from departing Chile. Children under 6 may leave the country without a Mobility Pass because they still do not have a vaccination program against Covid-19. The children and their accompanying party must undergo a mandatory 7-day quarantine upon their return to Chile

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